You start your first job, or you have been working for a few years or for more than 10 years?


This website and our Instagram page are for you! Both of them provide tools to rethink your social identities at work and ultimately in your personal life. 


Regardless how you define yourself, whether you are a man, a woman, gender free, French, American, Asian, African, rich, poor, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual etc... Our content is for you!!!


I am French and I have recently came to realize the impact of gender and cultural stereotypes on my social identity. These misconceptions include among other things: woman are more sensitive than men, man are more ambitious than woman or French people are arrogant and they like wine.


The pre-conceived ideas about gender, nationality, sexual preferences or culture strongly affect oneself confidence in the workplace, at home and it impacts  group’s dynamics. It is a pressure we feel to prove ourselves and it impacts our performance, our comfort level in people of different groups and all the things we think of as being determined by individual talents, motivation and preferences. We know what people could think. We know that anything we do that fit the stereotypes could be taken as confirming it.


Humans are built around stereotypes whether this is social class, gender, religion etc.. stereotypes are everywhere we go and that’s fine, what is important is to know how it affects each of us so we can truly see ourself,  make the smartest choice on where we want to be and in other words be the person we want to be.


Unstereotype4me’s objective is to help you measure how stereotypes shape up your beliefs, your interactions with others as well as your abilities.


Unstereotype4me dives into one new stereotype every week. 

Our content includes short stories on instagram & short summaries on this website. All are sourced from studies released by prestigious universities and recognised experts. 


Unstereotype4me does not give its opinion and only sticks to the facts stated in the studies. 

Our content also includes one call for action by stereotype to help you think about the impact of the said stereotype in your day to day life.


Unstereotype yourself! 

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